Im happy you stopped by my website, hope you take alook around. Let me tell you alittle
bit about myself. My name is Matt Fenhaus and I grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota. I
started riding bulls in 1985. In 1987 I was the South Dakota High School Bull Riding
Champ. I went to college at Fort Scott, Ks., where I rode Barebacks and bulls for Coach
John Luthi. After finishing my 2 year degree, I went to SWOSU, in Weatherford, OK. and
rode for Coach Doc Mitchell, we won the National title in 1993. I also won the Central
Plains region Bull Riding title that same year.
I graduated from SWOSU in 1995, with a degree in Elementry education. I moved to
Cache, Ok. in the fall of 96. Soon after I met Ronnie Roach and his family. The Roach
family treated me like one of their own and still do! I hung around Ronnie as often as I
could when I wasn't going to rodeos. Ronnie was full of knowledge about breeding,
raising, and bucking bulls. I called him Ronnie, "Bullman". It seemed like he had studied
every part of the business. I tried to learn as much as I could from him.
In the fall of 97, I bought my first 2 heifers. These first 2 heifers seemed as almost a gift
from Ronnie, he made them cheap enough so I could afford them on my limited budget.
Then in 98, I bought 5 more heifers. Ronnie always made sure I had a bull to use on my
heifers. In 2000, I bought a Rooster son from my traveling partner, Shawn Ramirez, that
was #828 Banty. I bred to him for a few years and sold him to Dwight Frick.
My main goal now is to stay as close to the Rafter 7r bloodline as possible. I don't have
much interest in hauling bulls. I want to breed them, get them started, then sell them young.
I bought my PRCA card in 1991, I rode both barebacks and bulls, but focused mainly on
barbackriding until 96. I then turned my focus to riding bulls and only rode a few more
bareback horses after that. I went to both the PRCA and PBR rodeos until 2000, then I
quit. Then in 2003 I bought my PBR card back and started a come back, that was short
lived, I broke my neck that fall and was forced to quit again.
My place is 8 miles South of a little town called Indiahoma, in Southwest Oklahoma. I have
an 11yr.old daughter, Sydney. She is my right hand gal. She helps with everything, from
feeding to fencing! I also have added to my family Laci and our baby girl Jayci.
We are a Member of the :
Some captured moments of my Bronc
and Bull Riding Career
I would like to give a Special Thanks to Royce and Brady
Roach, and Shawn Ramirez for always being there. Also a
Special Thanks to all my past buyers.
Matt Fenhaus, Fenhaus Bucking Bulls
Updated 09/21/2013
Sydney Age
Dad Teaching Sydney to
Flank a Bull
Welcome to Fenhaus Bucking Bulls!
Indiahoma, OK.
Matt Fenhaus
Pictured are my daughters Sydney and Jayci, my wife
Jayme, myself and my right hand man Mark Mahaffey